06/08/2015 – Even more recording!

Today I went to Brussels to go and look on how the dudes from Deserter record their music.
DSC_4831After a healthy and balanced meal they were ready to hit some new tunes!

DSC_4838But before you start recording you always need to pray to your Towel God.


04/08/2015 – Recording some new things.


It’s fucking hilarious.

Drum Footage @ Magazin 4

We can't wait to hit Oilsjt Omploft Fest!
Let's enjoy some drum footage from our show at Magasin 4 in the meantime!

Posted by DeserteR on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just wait a few seconds if you just see some text. The video is loading from facebook.

Deserter @ Club B52 & HAF

Deserter Compilation

Shining Green Killing Machine


Thrashin’ ’till Hell (And Beyond)

16/06/2015 – How To BBQ Deserter Style

It’s a sunny day and you feel like a BBQ. But how do you do that?
Well let me show you. First you start of by lifting a van up with a single hand.

After a while, you just ask a lovely lady to assist you with standing on the brakes.

This time things are going much smoother and the tire is changed in no time!


24/04/2015 – Big plans & great ideas

Allright people, what’s up?

There’s a lot happening in camp Deserter, that’s for sure! Lots of plans and even more ideas flying around at the time! But we’ll get you up to speed with that soon enough. So keep an eye out on our social media to be amongst the first to know exactly when and how shit will hit the fan, because it will!